Front Porch Sofa Replacement Cushions with Buttons Deluxe Fabrics Only


Front Porch Replacement Sofa Cushions
3 Seat: 24″ wide x 20″ deep x 6″ thick
3 Back” 23″ wide x 21″ high x 3″ thick
50+ Fabrics to choose from in the Deluxe Fabrics
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Front Porch Replacement Sofa Cushions
3 Seat: 24″ wide x 20″ deep x 6″ thick – Rounded back corners
3 Back” 23″ wide x 21″ high x 3″ thick – Rounded top corners – 3 buttons per back
Price includes three seats and three backs
50+ fabrics to choose from
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B201 Halsey Navy, B202 Tahiti Sunrise, B203 Cypress Midnight, B204 Natural Poly, B205 Atlantis Poly, B206 Talia Noir, B207 Terrace Caribe, B208 Hightown Heavenly, B210 Brendlynn Riviera, B215 Fresco Apple Green, B216 Husk Texture Brick, B220 Terrace Noir, B221 Earl Grey, B222 Kalawee Tearose, B223 Husk texture Capri, B224 Vanfield Blaze, B225 Kalawee Charcoal, B226 Shells Ocean, B228 Terrace Sunrise, B229 Laperta Noir, B230 Sconset Noir, B231 Sconset Pacific, B233 Nabil Nautical, B235 Polpis Ocean, B236 Laperta Rainwater, B237 Polpis Shadow, B240 Islip Teal, B244 Islip Cayenne, B245 Develin Garden Party, B247 Capulster Pompeii, B248 Sengala Oasis, B253 Noreya Pacific, B254 Sengala Pacific, B255 Haliwell Caribbean, B256 Cabana Cobalt, B257 Cabana Red, B258 Canbana Navy, B259 Hightown Sapphire, B262 Husk Texture Leaf, B263 Husk Texture Stone, B264 Husk Texture Berry, B265 Cabana Black, B266 Fresco Aqua, B267 Kuka Denim, B268 Pursuit Stone, B270 Brant Point Navy, B269 Pursuit Shadow, B271 Pursuit Navy, B272 Wickenburg Indigo, B273 Sovaro Denim, B274 Tilford Caribe, B276 Tilford Noir, B277 Werribee Lagoon, B278 Werribee Desert, B280 Sonora Cornsilk, B282 Sonora Taupe, B283 Tilford Denim, B284 Tory Denim, B285 Develin Hibiscus, B286 Develin Amazon, B288 Mabula Pacific, B289 Mabula Summer, B290 Mabula Sky, B291 Husk Lagoon, B292 Husk Birch, B293 Sundestin Rosedust, B294 Sundestin Lakeside, B295 Remi Patini, B296 Veranda Tan, B297 Veranda Red, B298 Veranda Peacock, B299 Veranda Navy, B300 Veranda Cobalt, B301 Veranda Charcoal, B302 Veranda Black


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